Our Story – Brooks Broth

Our Story

In the spring of 2019, Brooks’s wife Vicki was hit by a car while crossing the street, and subsequently required surgery, crutches, and months of recovery.

Knowing the nutritional benefits that bone broth offers, our friend Deb sprang into action and brought the Haden’s some chicken bone broth, amongst other delicious prepared food to help with meals during Vicki’s healing journey.

This inspired Brooks to take the broth to the next level. Being a creative chef, he began adding various spices to the broth and using local chicken bones from local Idaho farm, McIntyre Family Farms, and on one particular day of perfecting his recipe, VOILA! Brooks Broth was born. Much to the delight of our friends and family who tried the broth and gave us a standing ovation, we were encouraged to take it to market.

At Brooks Broth, we take pride in using local, organic ingredients, superb spices, and taking care in our prep time and the 48 hour simmering process. In turn, we are delighted to provide you with a truly exceptional chicken bone and vegetable broth that can be used for cooking, and drinking alone.

We also offer Deb's Gourmet Pet Broth Deb's Gourmet Pet Broth that can be diluted up to 50% to include in your pet’s food. Our mantra is family first, and with that, health and fitness. We hope our product brings joy to your family as you try different recipes, and that it adds health and fitness value to your lifestyle.   


Eva Foam

Deb, our Chief Broth Officer, started making broth years ago for family and friends.

Non slip surface

Walter is a year old English Bulldog, affectionately known as our Chief Dog Officer.


Vicki is our Director of Marketing and sets the look, tone and feel of our Brooks Broth and Deb's Gourmet Pet Broth brand.


Brooks is our Chief Executive Officer, who has enjoyed a long successful entrepreneurial career.